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Formulary Governance information
Link  1. Meds Value Group WORK PLANNED and IN PROGRESS
Link  2. MVG Action Log
Link  Bucks MVG - Declaration of Interests Guidance and form
Link  Clinical Documentation Medicines Standards Checklist
Link  Clinical Guidelines Approval Process
Link  Clinical Guidelines Review Form
Link  Clinical Guidelines: Writing, updating and approval processes (BHTCG 206FM)
Link  Formulary Change to Note
Link  Medicines Policy Annexe 3 - Buckinghamshire Joint Formulary Policy
Link  MVG (formerly FMG) Formulary Decisions from 2004 to June 2021
Link  MVG Cover Sheet Template
New Medicine Application Form - contact Formulary Manager before completing. New Medicine applications are coordinated to avoid duplication or unnecessary completion due to publication of NICE guidance
Link  Process for assuring compliance with NHSE Specialised Commissioning documents relating to medicines
Link  Terms of Reference - Clinicial Guidelines Subgroup (CGS)
Link  Terms of Reference - Formulary Management Group