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Possible Matches... BNF Category
Alfamino  - Formulary Amino Acid formula suitable for severe cows milk protein allergy (CMPA) A2.03
Alfentanil 5mg/1mL  (intensive care injection) - Formulary Opioid analgesics
Albendazole  - Non Formulary Drugs for threadworms 05.05.01
Allevyn Adhesive and Non-Adhesive  - Non Formulary Alginate 19.02
Allevyn heel  - Non Formulary Foam Dressings Adhesive 19.10.01
Allevyn Cavity tubular  - Non Formulary Alginate 19.02
Allevyn sacral  (adhesive) - Non Formulary Foam Dressings Adhesive 19.10.01